Elizabethan London

Elizabethan London
Tyburn was an infamous execution spot west of London, used since medieval times. The Tyburn "tree" - a unique, multi-person gallows - erected in 1571 became a popular public spectacle, drawing crowds of thousands.Tyburn Tree blog is less blood-thirsty but hopefully topical, interesting and informative, if slightly bent to my personal topics of interest - books, writing, history, technology, with a smattering of politics and dash of pop culture, science and the downright strange. So "take a ride to Tyburn" and see what happens...

Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Welcome to Tyburn Tree

Welcome to Tyburn Tree!  Formerly this was Booklinker, my book review site now converted over into my online home, so if by chance you've wandered over from Booklinker, welcome to the new digs.

You may have noted that for the last five years there has been, well, a paucity of posts.  This is primarily due to switching my writing efforts from online over to working on my book.  As noted in the earlier posts, the book is now done and the long journey towards publication has begun.

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