Elizabethan London

Elizabethan London
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Thursday, October 2, 2014

Jesuit Letter Cover Drafts

Everything happens at once.

No sooner do I receive the edited version of The Jesuit Letter back (laced and scarified with editor's cuts, slashes & corrections), then my designer drops the new cover concept drafts into my hands.

I was expecting maybe 3 to 5 concepts, and she came back with 15!  Admittedly a number of these are all variations on a specific concept but still, it was a cornucopia of concepts.

In the interest of aiding my decision, I thought I would throw these up on the Interweb and social media for direct feedback and commentary.  Let me know favorites, what you think, what works, what pops and what doesn't.  Any preferences, thoughts or helpful comments would be greatly appreciated!

By way of background, The Jesuit Letter is historical fiction, with a bit of mystery/thriller mix, set in Elizabethan England in 1575.

Here are the concepts:

Let me know what you think!  Thanks!