Elizabethan London

Elizabethan London
Tyburn was an infamous execution spot west of London, used since medieval times. The Tyburn "tree" - a unique, multi-person gallows - erected in 1571 became a popular public spectacle, drawing crowds of thousands.Tyburn Tree blog is less blood-thirsty but hopefully topical, interesting and informative, if slightly bent to my personal topics of interest - books, writing, history, technology, with a smattering of politics and dash of pop culture, science and the downright strange. So "take a ride to Tyburn" and see what happens...

Saturday, February 11, 2017

Discovered Diamond!

Good news!

THE JESUIT LETTER has been deemed a "Discovered Diamond" in a new review site called, naturally enough, Discovering Diamonds.

Go take a look, check out the review, and I recommend sticking around and reading some of the other reviews because there is lots of good histfic on display.