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Elizabethan London
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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

GoT Syndrome

I think I'm suffering Game of Thrones withdrawal.

My Sunday nights are now empty (sorry HBO, True Blood just doesn't quite cut it), and I don't know if I can withstand at least another nine months of no Tyrion / Bronn quips.

Tyrion: Let's play a new game.
Bronn: There's a ... knife game I can teach ya.
Tyrion: Does it involve the potential loss of fingers?
Bronn: Not if you win.

Last year there was the solace of  George R.R. Martin coming out with A Dance of Dragons  to alleviate things but he is probably at least another two years away from his next book...and I've got nine months of no HBO Game of Thrones to endure.

Any recommendations?  Books, movies, games?

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  1. I started reading the first book after getting hooked on the series. It's been hard getting through it since HBO did such a great adaptation. Fantasy novels tend to be too descriptive for my taste, but the plot H.R.R Martin has come up with is amazing.

    One of my favorite book is Revolutionary Road. It's a downer, but...

    I found your blog via LinkedIn and have added you to my RSS Feed.